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About Us

Why Blue Roo Creations?

Our site is our outlet to share and offer our creations with others.  Our individual artistic talents offer a wide variety of handcrafted items, using high quality materials, including but not limited to:

  1. Hand Crocheted pieces using a variety of materials
  2. Hand Quilted pieces using quality fabrics
  3. Handcrafted Cold Processed all-natural soaps and bath products
  4. Native American handcrafts created using old style techniques such as rattles, braintan leather, vegetable and bark tanned leather, beadwork
  5. Hand Forged metal and iron pieces, forged in an 1800’s style blacksmith shop using traditional forging techniques and methods

  <-  Cynthia's Blue Roo        Suede ~ Jan. 07 - Sept. 2012

Our site obtained its name because of the shared passion between artisans LadyHawk and Cynthia, which is their passion for chicken keeping and their love of their Blue Orpington Roosters.

At Blue Roo Creations you can find hand crafted items for your decor, gifts or as a treat to yourself.

 LadyHawk's Blue Roo  Lancelot ~ Age 3 Years

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