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Quotes I have never had a moisturizer penetrate, soften, smooth, and hydrate the way the body butter did. Also bought a beautiful shawl, just what I hoped for, wonderful workmanship. These are great people to do business with, for sure! Quotes
happy customer

Quotes The first time I used Ladyhawk's soaps It was just because it was a gift and it smelled amazing. After using it I realized it was more then just a good smelling soap. Since I started using it my skin looks and feels so much better. This is the only soap ill ever use now. Anything mass produced product is just disappointing by comparison. Quotes
N. Cutter
Supprised Guy

Quotes Having had the opportunity to try a vast variety of Ladyhawk's soaps, I am completely spoiled. I no longer buy commercial body washes. The soaps are soothing, moisturizing and feel luxurious, not to mention the scents, oh my! The body butter is the richest emollient I've ever used-fabulous for those razor dried legs, ladies. I'm hooked! In addition, I am the very proud owner of one of Ladyhawk's stunning beadwork creations immortalizing my beloved late Blue Orpington rooster, Suede. It holds a place of honor in my livingroom. It's one of my most prized possessions. Quotes
Spoiled Customer

Quotes As a woman in my 40's I have the normal skin issues. Recently having undergone radiation therapy, my skin became problematic, breakouts and irritation have been horrible. LadyHawk took the time to create a special soap for me to help with the problems and soothe the irritation. It worked and I am sold on using her soaps. Can't wait for her to start making shampoo! Quotes
C. Liss
Satisfied Lady

Quotes As a teen male, I suffer with problem dry skin. These wonderful soaps have been a healing aid for my skin. My dry skin is no more and blemishes are gone. I will continue to use these soaps. Quotes
Happy Teen

Quotes I am a man with sensitive skin and I find this handmade soap exceptional. It is very soothing, has a great scent, and is very mild to my skin. I even use it to shave with instead of canned foam. Quotes
T. Bacon

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