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B10 - Flint & Steel Kit ~Hand Forged~ "U" design striker


Ever find yourself without matches and needing to start a fire? This handy kit would be the answer.  Perfect for campers, hunters, re-enactors or anyone interested in making a smaller carbon footprint in our wonderful countryside and camping areas.  Traditional fire starting is becoming a lost art in light of all of the modern conveniences available.  This kit affords you the opportunity to keep this practice alive, do a good thing for the environment and use authentic materials which are natural in their very nature.

The kit is comprised of the essential tools necessary to start your fire, just add your tinder or charred cloth and make your fire.  A hand forged steel striker, a shard of field found natural flint and a handy braintan deer hide pouch to keep it in.  The high carbon steel is hand forged into a  "U" shaped with a gentle scroll.  This style is an antique design and the striker Bill prefers to use.  The natural flint is field salvaged and perfect for obtaining just the right amount of spark to catch your tinder.  The pouch is made of traditionally tanned deer hide which is sewn together with real sinew.  Brain tanning creates a durable,strong and long-lasting completely natural material that will last for many years to come.  The sinew is made from the backstrap of either a deer or elk which is then split into sewing thread sized pieces.  Sinew is  much more durable to common sewing thread and it can withstand the elements far better.  Combining braintan hide and real sinew gives you a pouch that will stil be pristine when other materials have disintegrated.


Note:  All hand forged items are made to order unless luck has it one is sitting here ready to go, please allow (2) two weeks for delivery.


This item ships from Kentucky.


We will be offer these kits in the familiar "C" style striker and larger kits containing a tinder bundle.  Look for them soon.



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