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L27 - Native Style Turtle Bag


This bag is made in a traditional native style with glass beads, sinew, brass beads, braintan deer hide and deer antler button.  The body of the bag is made from a farm raised red ear turtle shell which has been cleaned and lined with braintan deer hide to form a bag, including a flap closure on the back and fringe at the bottom.  The flap is secured with a button made from deer antler (shed).  The strap is made from braided braintan deer hide and is 30" in length.  The fringe on the lower part of the bag is graduated in length to 6" and has brass tube beads mixed within the fringe.  The shell edge has been drilled and sinew was used to secure beads as the hide was sewn onto the bag.  The front is decorated with glass crow beads and a brass tube bead.  The beads used are red and blue crow beads, yellow and cobalt blue beads on the edging.

This bag would be a great gift for someone who likes traditional style accessories, re-enactors, primitive events or just an appreciation of natural materials being used to the utmost extent.

Braintan is durable, long-lasting and strong which means it will be here for many years to come.  It can be cut so avoid putting sharp objects inside the bag to keep the bag free of accidential puncture or slice.

Imperfections may exist because the materials are natural fibers and Mother Nature controls the final appearance.  As a turtle shell was once a living and growing material, some care should be taken in preserving its integrity.  This care is minimal but helpful.  Avoid using soaps and detergents on the shell or rubbing it too harshly or with an abrasive as the individual 'scales' can be forced off.  Best care is wiping the shell gently with a damp cloth when cleaning is needed and rubbing only hard enough to remove any dirt or grim which may adhere to it.  The shell can have shellac or other protective coating applied to it but we do not recommend doing so as this makes the shell appear glossy and less authentic.


Overall length from bottom of fringe to top of strap 24"

Strap is 30"

Fringe is graduated to 6"

Shell is 9" L x 8" W

This item ships from Kentucky.

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