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L34 - Moisturizing Luxury Bath Salts "Gypsy"


These wonderful bath salts are made with high quality salts, skin nourishing oils and ingredients such as kaolin clay to make your skin feel cleansed and nourished.  The scent of Gypsy is a blend designed to sooth and relax the mind and create a zen mood.  As owners of pampered poultry, zen moments are important, even our chickens demand theirs.  Gypsy boasts the herbal scents of cedar and sage, the tart fruity scent of blackberries with a very light hint of honey.

This is a cone shaped bag with six (6) ounces of these wonderful bath salts, enough for 5 - 6 baths.  Do not be surprised if you run out fast because you suddenly feel the need for several bath in a day to enjoy the lovely fragrance and feel.  At least that's what we do...over indulge.  :)

The salts used in this blend are Dead Sea Salt, European medium grain Spa Salt, Pink Himalayan salt, Black Hawaiian Salt and the softening Epsom salt.  We've added the nourishing oils of avocado and peach kernel to this blend. 

Your salts will come with required FDA ingredient list but we prefer to tell you the straight up version of the ingredients.

We also like to issue a word of caution when using these types of products...they contain oils so please be careful on wet surfaces as the oils make make these surfaces slippery.  Not to mention the relaxed state of mind you and your body will be in after a good soak with these salts...give yourself a minute to come back from your zen mood.

Price is per 6 ounce bag and generously priced at less than 1.60 per ounce.

Currently available: 5 bags (as of 10-9-13)

This item ships from Kentucky.

NOTE:  These salts are Miss Gypsy approved!

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