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B12 - Hand Forged Striker, Firestarting Kit


These hand forged striker / firestarting kits are perfect for the outdoorsman, camper, hunter, re-enactor or traditionalist that wants to have the tools handy to start a fire anywhere.  These kits give you everything you need in a convenient carrying pouch to store them all in.

Each kit contains a hand forged steel striker and a piece of field found natural flint.  To make the kit even better, we have added a small 1 oz tin with a screw on cap which contains tinder to get your fire started without searching for dry materials in the environment.  The bonus and special feature of this kit is the carrying / storage pouch it all fits inside of.  The pouch is made of authentic brain tanned deer hide which has been sewn together using real deer sinew.  The use of real sinew is a rare find but a great bonus.  Sinew being made from the leg or back tendons of the deer, elk, moose, buffalo or other animal, makes a very durable and long-lasting thread when stripped to thread thickness.  Sinew will also handle the elements much better that commercial threads.

Get one for yourself or as a gift and you will not be disappointed.  You can give peace of mind knowing that whoever has this kit with them will be able to start a fire whenever they need it.  For the outdoorsman, this is an invaluable kit.

Note:  Flint shape and size may vary as it is produced by nature.

Currently there are 6 of these kits available (as of 10/20/13)

This item ships from Kentucky.

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