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Sorry, All Birds Pictured Below Have Been Sold or Rehomed....Stay Tuned for More to Come!

I have an extra trio (2 cockerels and one pullet) from a color project for sale $10.00 pr/ $15.00 for trio, negotiable to right home.  They are d'Uccle/d'Anver crosses and carry the lavender gene.  Hatched May 17, 2014. 

Merlin has a predominate white beard and muffs with a lot of white markings and wonderful tail set, Dory is a Mille Fleur and Rogue is predominately black with fewer white markings and some light Mille red bleedthrough.  All three have light to no boot feathering. 
2 porcelain d'Uccle cockerels for sale.

Bogey and Bacall hatched March 5, 2014.

Both are very sweet boys. $5.00 each, negotiable to right home.

Black (Birchen-Look) Plymouth Rock Needs Home! 21 Weeks Old as of August 4 2014 FREE to Good home!

Maverick is TAKEN, sorry!

Two Plymouth Rock Chicks, Just Hatched July 16, 2014, Asking $5 for both together; One black pullet, one barred who I believe is male, but markings are confusing and could be another pullet-not easy to sex the heritage lines as it is hatchery stock. No hatchery stock here! 

The Rock chicks are SOLD, thanks!

They are gorgeous healthy birds out of heritage stock.

**Must have predator proof coop to take these birds! Lean-to coops with chicken wire are not acceptable!**

Pick Up/ Cash ONLY in Fannin County, GA near the NC line.

No shipping! Click the button below to contact owner.


Delaware Cross cockerel
FREE. Gabriel's mother is a Blue Laced Red Wyandotte x BBS Ameraucana hen, solid red in color and his sire is my super easygoing 5 year old Delaware rooster, Isaac, but Gabriel's temperament is not up to par with the usual sons of Isaac. Gabriel is skittish and will bite, but has a fabulous, deep crow. If he doesn't work out, you can put him in your stew pot. Pick up at the farm in Fannin County, GA.

SORRY, Gabriel has been Taken!

Mille Fleur/Porcelain Split Breeding Pair of Belgian D'Anvers FREE

Mille Fleur split for Porcelain Cockerel & Pullet, Breeding Age, 34 Wks Old as of January 20, 2014


 NOT hatchery colors, not hatchery stock! 


Cockerel and pullet are visual mille fleur, split for porcelain, so you should get porcelain chicks from them.

Mille fleur and porcelain are compatible breeding colors, porcelain is simply mille fleur with the addition of a lavender gene.


Mille Fleur cockerel is pet quality due to feather stubs on the legs, which is a throwback to the D'Uccle genetics used to produce this color of D'Anver. His conformation is excellent.

The cockerel one has a typical male D'Anver temperament, the Little Big Man Syndrome. 

Remember, we do not ship birds! You must pick them up at the farm.

Click the Contact Button below for more information.

Belgian D'Anver Hatching Eggs For Sale
Mille Fleur Split pullets, porcelain hen and mille fleur hens with porcelain or 1/2 or 3/4 porcelain roosters. Must contact for availability. The production going gangbusters as of January, but could trail off at any time.
At this time, hatching eggs are for local pick up only. I am not shipping eggs at this time, sorry.

Price is $10 per set of 12+ eggs. This is a pick up price ONLY.

Contact Cynthia by clicking the convenient button below.

Rehomed 11/14/13  NotAvailable

Handsome DelaRock Cockerel Needs Home

Ira is out of a heritage Delaware rooster over a Stukel line Barred Rock hen. His sire has an excellent temperament and  has passed that on to most every son he's ever produced.  After growing out a group of young males while contemplating my up and coming flock leaders, I have decided that Ira is one that will be let go.

Ira is healthy and gorgeous with silvery hackles and saddles. I have four of his brothers I'm keeping, including one who looks almost identical to him, so just don't need him, though I truly hate to part with any one of these. Please give Ira a good home.


Please be sure you have a good predator proof coop for Ira before you claim him. He's been well-cared for and safe, though he does have free range experience.

Ira turns 22 weeks old the week of November 4th.

Contact Cynthia for details using the convenient "Contact"  button at the bottom of this page.

REHOMED  9/13/13 - Not Available

Xander needs a home. Through circumstance, he ended up with only LF Orp hens and they hate him, so he has to go. Thought this arrangement would work, but it isn't now that Xander's hormones have kicked into overdrive; the hens are not happy, to say the least.


Please give Xander a forever home. He is a hatchery male so has some flaws, but also, some wonderful traits. He has gorgeous coloring, stupendous feather quality and foot feathering, a decent cushion, regal bearing and soft expression, energetic personality. His flaws are side sprigs at the back of his comb and vulture hocks, the usual issues with hatchery Cochins I've seen.

Do not claim Xander if you do not have bantam hens for him.  I have bantam pullets for sale above (Belgian D'Anvers) that you could purchase to take with him.  If you want the pullets above to go with Xander, Contact Cynthia using the button below and make arrangements to purchase the pullets and pick Xander and the girls up from farm in Georgia.

Xander is Free to a Good Home!

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