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Spicy Scented Foaming Pumice Scrub with Orange, Cinnamon & Clove


New in our bath product line is a wonderful multi-purpose foaming pumice scrub, great for both men and women.  Perfect for bath or kitchen, this scrub contains very fine powdered pumice for thorough yet gentle exfoliating packed into a wonderful whipped soap.  This scrub really cleans and exfoliates and is a must for tough areas such as feet, heels, elbows and knees but gentle enough for hands. During canning season this year, chopping peppers, garlic and onions for each batch of salsa, I used this fabulous scrub to remove all trace of nasty smell from my hands. It works like a charm-you'll be positively amazed!

The scrub also moisturizes using both avocado oil and shea butter, in addition to cleaning and exfoliating,  a bonus for the ladies who worry about dry skin following exfoliating or constant hand washing.  Vitamin E has been added to aid in healing your skin.

This scrub contains oils of oranges, cinnamon and cloves which neutralize odors such as garlic and fish, as well as the other foods mentioned.  The scent is heavenly! Once you have washed and gently scrubbed your hands you are left with clean, silky smooth, soft skin and no residual odors.  Men will love it in workshops and garages too!  As the old commercial used to say "Strong enough for a man but gentle enough for a woman" truly fits this product.  This product has a preservative in it which is harmless to your skin but helps inhibit the growth of yeasts, molds and bacteria that can occur when water is introduced into the container, making it wonderful for sink side use.  In our web store, it is product # L50

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